Raw Feeding Advantages


Providing your dog with a raw diet aligns with nature's intent. Many commercial dog foods include additives, preservatives, and grains that can be challenging for dogs to digest. Grains, a common source of allergies, are not part of a dog's natural diet.


Nutrient-Rich Composition


Our meals boast approximately 80% meat and bone, 10% vegetable content, and 10% organ meat. For those preferring a grain-free option, we offer meals without vegetables.


Health Boosts


Optimal Oral Hygiene


Dogs' teeth thrive on the natural act of chewing and gnawing meaty bones. This promotes superior oral health, eliminating the need for brushing and preventing plaque and bad breath.


Enhanced Skin & Coat


Witness noticeable improvements with healthier skin, a glossier coat, and reduced shedding as a result of our nutritionally balanced meals.


Stool Quality & Odor Control


Experience firmer, smaller stools that disintegrate, minimizing both volume and odor. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells associated with traditional diets.


Weight Management


Our raw diet facilitates the shedding of unwanted fat, promoting healthier weight levels and increased activity in dogs.