Why Raw?

Feeding your dog a raw diet is feeding them the way nature intended!  Many products from commercial dog food companies contain a long list of additives, preservatives and grains.  Dogs do not have the digestive enzymes or system to cope with grains, as they are one of their biggest sources of allergies.  

Our meals contain approx. 80% meat and bone, 10% vegetable, and 10% organ meat. Meals are also available without vegetables.

Health Benefits

Improved Oral Heath:  Dogs' teeth were designed to chew and gnaw apart whole, meaty bones. Chewing bones clean your dogs' teeth, and there is no need for brushing, no more plaque, and no more bad breath!

Better Skin & Coat:  This is one of the first changes you will notice! Healthier skin, shinier coat and less shedding.

Improved Stool Volume & Odour:  You will notice firmer, smaller amounts of stool which will disintegrate!  Eliminates the smell too!

Weight Control:  Dogs will lose unwanted and unhealthy fat, which will increase their activity levels!