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Our Mission

At K9 Kitchen, our mission is to prioritize the health and well-being of your canine companions by providing locally sourced, premium raw dog food. We are dedicated to crafting nutritionally balanced meals using only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring optimal canine health.

Our commitment extends beyond just pet food; we strive to empower dog owners to make informed choices that positively impact their furry friends' lives. Join us in nourishing a community of happy, healthy dogs with our exceptional raw dog food.

Meet the Team

Happy Paws: What Our Customers Say About Our Raw Dog Food

I'm incredibly satisfied with this superior product. Its quality has exceeded my expectations, and it's been a valuable addition to my pets daily life. Thank you for delivering a top-notch product! Their attention to detail, prompt communication, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made every interaction a pleasure. Highly recommend for anyone seeking high quality raw dog food and reliability.

Amanda L.

We have been going to k9’kitchen for approximately two years. The food is always fresh, my dogs love it, and customer service is always top notch. This business is the epitome of why we shop local and continue to support local businesses.

Sarah M.

Ryder has ate nothing but your raw meat products since he came to us at 4 months old. We believe it is the healthiest way to feed a dog and we think it shows in his coat, his teeth and his bone structure. Being a border collie, Ryder is a high energy dog and we feel with the K9 food we have been giving him, helps him in every aspect of his life. We know what he is consuming, unlike bagged kibble. K9 raw food is the only way to go for our dog Ryder and we continue to keep him on this diet for as long as we are lucky enough to have him.

Steve H.

Finding high quality raw that is affordable is so hard these days. K9 Kitchen Food has an amazing selection of different dinner mixes and even some stuff to customize your own meals, not only for these reasons that I love K9 Kitchen, but one major reason K9 kills any other raw dog food provider; my one bully mix Ghost has major allergies to chicken and beef, and since being with K9 my Ghost has not had any issues at all! K9 is not only bang on for their quality in their food but also their passion to ensure their fur babies and customers are taken care of!

Nicole G.

We have been going to K9 kitchen to purchase raw for our dogs for the past several years!!! We return monthly because not only is the quality, service and care excellent, our dogs can’t wait to eat!!

Lisa N.


Do you offer shipping/delivery?

We do not offer shipping or delivery at this time. All orders can be picked up on site during our regular business hours.

Where is your meat sourced from?

All of our proteins are sourced locally here in Ontario.

How much do I feed my dog per day?

Please refer to our Feeding Guideline

How do I transition my dog from kibble to raw?

1. Feed straight raw 10-12 hours after the last kibble meal.

2. Mix 40-60% raw with kibble for approximately one week.

Can I thaw my food, and then re-freeze it?

Yes! You may thaw and refreeze once, but only if thawed in the refrigerator (not if thawed in water or at room temperature).

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