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Happy Dogs on Raw

Our premium raw dog food has become a source of joy for both our customers and their canine companions. Delighted testimonials consistently highlight the positive impact our nutritionally balanced meals have on the overall quality of life and health of their dogs.

Witnessing the genuine happiness in both pets and their owners, we take pride in contributing to the enhanced quality of life and improved health that our raw dog food brings. These testimonials stand as a testament to the positive impact our premium nutrition has on the well-being of cherished canine companions.

Keith P.

We have had our boy, a
Sheltie, on K9 Kitchen recepies since day one and are coming up to 4 years now. He is thriving! His coat is so shiny, eyes are like clear bright marbles giving us
all kinds of love. He has so much energy and plays constantly. He can't wait to devour the daily ration and chicken is the favourite! Thanks to you guys for all your hard work preparing our orders which are always on time! Thanks again for everything.

Steve H.

We have an 11 month old border collie named Ryder. Ryder has eaten nothing but your raw meat products since he came to us at 4 months old. We believe it is the healthiest way to feed a dog and we think it shows in his coat, his teeth and his bone structure. Being a border collie, Ryder is a high energy dog and we feel with the K9 food we have been giving him, helps him in every aspect of his life. We know what he is consuming, unlike bagged kibble.

K9 raw food is the only way to go for our dog Ryder and we continue to keep him on this diet for as long as we are lucky enough to have him.

Krystal B.

My German shepherd Nova absolutely loves K9 kitchen. She has been on it since she was about 5 months old. The food is the best raw food we have ever gotten for her and it shows with her coat, her energy, etc. It has all the nutrients she needs. The staff is also amazing and when I
order online it is always quick to pickup within the same day. We will never stop buying K9 Kitchen. 

Elena H.

We love K9 Kitchen and so does our dog Pluto. He is a shepherd husky mix and he’s very fussy when it comes to what he eats everyday. We’ve tried other raw food brands and he either won’t eat them or he’ll pick out bits, but he loves K9 Kitchen. Your chicken and turkey blends are his favourite.

My personal favourite reason
for feeding raw is that fact the the poo just disintegrates and doesn’t leave my backyard stinking. Thank you. 

I'm incredibly satisfied with this superior product. Its quality has exceeded my expectations, and it's been a
valuable addition to my pets daily life. Thank you for delivering a top-notch
product! Their attention to detail, prompt communication, and commitment to
customer satisfaction have made every interaction a pleasure. Highly recommend
for anyone seeking high quality raw dog food and reliability.

- Amanda L.

We have been going to K9 Kitchen for approximately two years. The food is always fresh,
my dogs love it, and customer service is always top notch. This business is the epitome of why we shop local and continue to support local businesses. 

- Sarah M.

We have been going to K9 kitchen to purchase raw for
our dogs for the past several years! We return monthly because not only is the quality, service and care excellent, our dogs can’t wait to eat!

- Lisa N.

K9 Kitchen literally saved my dogs life. He has cardiac episodes that requires him to not eat grain. We had no idea about raw food. We did a little research and came upon a whole raw food community. Since starting our (now 10 year old) chocolate Labradoodle on raw at K9 Kitchen, he has been thriving. We jog 5k every morning and his hair is shiny and he’s playful and happy. No more episodes. In the past 6 months we adopted a stray, he’s a 10lbs ball of fire. When we brought him home he wouldn’t eat, he has a history of trauma and abandonment. It took a few weeks of transitioning, but today he dances on his two back feet to the tune of breakfast and dinner. His hair grew back, his eyes sparkle. He’s content because his tummy feels good. K9 Kitchen has been like a personal dietician, and chef to my guys. I am so appreciative of the hard work and service you provide. Thank you. 

- Mike W.

Our pups love their raw food from K9 Kitchen and we love the convenience of ordering on line and scheduling our pick up. Having the option to order bulk boxes and a variety of blends makes raw affordable and environmentally friendly.  We appreciate the savings and the opportunity reuse our own portioned containers. Thank you K9 Kitchen!

- Alison W.

I am the mum of two incredible dogs, Akeela and Titan, and I’ve been feeding them K9 Kitchen’s raw meals for many years now. I can confidently say that their health has improved significantly since we made the switch to K9 Kitchen. The quality of the meats and vegetables is top-notch, and I appreciate that they are locally sourced and
inspected. The meals are well-balanced and contain the right amount of meat, bone, vegetables, and organ meat. I also like that they offer meals without vegetables, which is perfect for my dogs who are picky eaters. Feeding raw has made a huge difference in my dogs’ health. They have more energy, their coats are shinier,
and their teeth are cleaner. Akeela and Titan love the taste of the meals, and I love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that I’m feeding them the best possible food. I highly recommend K9 Kitchen to any pet owner who wants to give their furry friends the best possible nutrition!

- Nicole R.

My dog Milo just loves the food
he’s a diabetic and before we put him on the raw food his glucose was really high before! Now since we changed his food to the K9 raw food his glucose levels came right down - makes me happy and my dog Milo is happy!

- Cheryl M.

We love K9 Kitchen everyone one is so helpful. You sell a really good quality product my dogs love. When my shepherd had digestive problems, one of the ladies suggested a change in protein and it really worked. Unfortunately I lost my shepherd recently but I have adopted two beautiful Golden Retrievers from the Humane Society. They love the food and bones I bring home for them. Keep up the great work!

- Angela L.

Been a happy customer for over 6 years, I cannot say enough great things about K9K. I have, with confidence, steered so many friends and family in your direction to help achieve a healthier diet for their furry friends. My Lennon has never eaten kibble - he has been eating K9K since 5 weeks old and it I am confident his quality of life would not be as good as it is, without his diet. Everywhere he goes people comment on how shiny and soft his coat is; at 6 years old he's never had an speck of plaque on his teeth. Lennon has had surgery on all of his limbs and bounced back each time, quickly and without issue. A clean, high protein diet can absolutely be credited for this as the fillers in kibble can lead to inflammation of the joints. We will forever be lifelong customers of K9K and continue to spread the word!

- Chas H.

My dog loves K9 raw, and the staff are helpful. Lupa's skin and ears are clear with no rash and her paws are no longer red or itchy, thanks to the natural raw food she eats at K9. Thank you 

- Sandra A.

I have been feeding my Husky
K9 kitchen raw diet for a long time now and she absolutely loves it! The raw food has benefited her in so many ways and she is always so happy when it’s time to eat! My husky turned her nose at kibble and it made it very stressful! Getting her in raw was the best choice and I never heard anything again about brushing her teeth 2X a week and her coat was even so much better. Having my husky on raw, and getting another dog to add to our family we knew right away she would be getting raw as well! They love it so much that every time they know the food is coming they get so excited and start speaking. We can’t scoop it out fast enough for them. I love that the owner has tons of information and he is very helpful! I recommend K9 Kitchen to everyone and having nothing but positive things to say about them! Thank you for making my girls happier and love meal time! If you want a happy dog, try K9 Kitchen’s raw food! 

- Ashley M.

Once again I would like to
thank you for your service. We switched to K9 Kitchen
several years ago when we were a bit frustrated with the availability and consistency of other raw products.  Nutella is our Cavalier King Charles and while she is small, she is mighty and demands her food meaty!!  As a pup she failed to thrive and refused all kibbles.  We tried every single brand and formula the commercial pet stores and vet had to offer but every meal was a challenge of hand feeding and time consuming frustration. She was a piddly 9 pounds for way too long.  In addition to this food issue she had been discovered to have luxating patella for both knees which was requiring an expensive and intensive surgery.  We switched to raw around the time of diagnosis on the recommendation of a local pet store owner. The brand (who's name I will not mention) was great for a time and even offered home delivery.  Nutella finally got up to a healthy weight for her size and her 12 week recovery from surgery went well.  But as time went on and the brand grew it started to lose consistency, quality, and that personal touch. A co-worker mentioned he got his food in bulk locally and had great success. I was skeptical because we had tried other brands, and even our butcher in the past, with Nutella's nose high in the air in protest.  Then my neighbour informed me she made the switch and her dogs loved it so she passed a few spoonfuls our way.  Little Miss Royalty actually ate it without a
problem so we placed an order for a variety of proteins to see what happened.  Well K9 Kitchen did not disappoint.  Nutella has had everything from the Easter Bunny to Porky Pig to Foghorn Leghorn without protest.  Her only demand is that we avoid the vegetables since she is full carnivore and will pick out anything that might have grown in a garden.  Honestly I don't blame her. Nutella is always greeted at the store with a smile and knows the place so well she starts screaming the moment we pull into the parking lot (yes it is screaming).  I love that the meat is consistently high quality and very fresh.  We prefer to get the bags and I divide it up individually into daily portions to freeze.  In the end we have no waste, no lost kibble pieces under the sofa, a healthy dog, and the satisfaction of knowing I am supporting a local family business of real down to earth people.  Quality goes a long way and I suspect that our dog is eating far better food than the rest of us get. So to K9 Kitchen... Nutella and I thank you for your service.  Keep up the great work and we look forward to many years of orders to come.

- Sandra H.

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